37 Business Experts Share Tips On Designing Beautiful Graphics And Logos

1. Rebecca Hoffman, Founder and Principal, Good Egg Concepts

2. Thomas Jepsen, Founder, Passion Plans

3. Douglas Huegel, Owner, and Graphic Designer, Doug Does Design

4. Emilie Dulles, Founder, Dulles Designs

5. Harman Awal, Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger, Your Girl Knows

6. Esther Babayov, Marketing Director, The Suit Depot

7. David Farmer, CEO, Ad Giants

8. Chris Campbell, Co-Founder and CEO, The Charming Bench Company

9. Kara Chun, Graphic Designer, ModOp

10. Rick Hoskins, Founder, Filter King

11. Mike Chappell, Founder, Formspal

12. Richard Mews, CEO, Sell With Richard

13. Paul Oppong, Management Consultant, Paul Oppong

14. Sara Abate Rezvanifar, Founder and Brand Designer, My Personal Brand

15. Shiv Gupta, CEO, Incrementors Web Solutions

16. Brack Nelson, Marketing Director, Incrementors Web Solutions

17. Max Harland, CEO, Dentaly

18. David Bitton, Co-Founder and CMO, DoorLoop

  • Utilize eye-catching graphics, icons, and 3D or vector illustrations.
  • Use no more than two fonts.
  • Limit your use of complementary or contrasting colors with up to three color choices only.
  • Use space with a bold element to make it pop.

19. Thomas Hawkins, Website Owner, Electrician Apprentice HQ

20. Avner Brodsky, Co-Founder and CEO, Superwatches

21. Israel Gaudette, Founder, Link Tracker Pro

22. Simon Elkjær, Chief Marketing Officer, avXperten

23. Mike Powell, Owner and Editor, Dog Embassy

24. Tim Sutton, Blog Owner, Coffee Geek

  • ONE FONT: Play around with the font-weight to make an emphasize where you want it.
  • Use Bold for the title and Normal for the subtitle.
  • TWO FONTS: Combine any two fonts out of these three categories — serif, sans serif, and decorative.
  • Serif fonts are fonts with ending strokes or feet, expressing a classic and elegant feel.
  • Sans serif fonts are blunt with no feet and neutral in expression.
  • Decorative fonts are fun and dramatic typefaces and work best as headlines.

25. Carla Diaz, Co-Founder, Broadband Search

26. David Attard, Digital Consultant, and Web Designer, CollectiveRay

27. Roy Morejon, President and Co-Founder, Enventys Partners

28. Jason Wong, CEO, Doe Lashes

29. Nikki Takahashi, Digital Media Designer and Strategist, Fetching Finn Inc.

30. Michael Knight, Co-Founder and Marketing Head, Incorporation Insight

31. Fay Hao, Head of Marketing, OurPCB

32. Lauren Bosworth, Founder and CEO, Love Wellness

33. Joe Parenteau, Co-Founder and CEO, Fable

34. Tyler Boyd, Chief Strategy Officer, Squeeze

35. Michael Waxman, Co-Founder and CEO, Sundays for Dogs

36. Felix Maberly, Manager, Tiger Supplies

  • Keep it simple: One key design tip for beginner designers is simplicity. Graphics should be easy to understand. Use the minimum amount of text and fonts. Keep the colors under control and the visuals balanced.
  • Maintain visual hierarchy: Visual hierarchy is the ability to give visual importance to some elements over others. For example, headers should be larger than subheadings, and these, in turn, are larger than a box of text. When you use visual hierarchy rules, you bring attention to a key point in the design. This creates a visual balance that then starts a visual flow of information for the viewer.
  • Ensure readability: Make your text easy to read. This applies to how you overlay text on backgrounds, the colors and fonts you use for headings, and how elements relate to the text and flow of the design. Choose the best typeface for your project, which matches your message and is also easy to read. It should be easy to read over a background image or texture.
  • Limit your typefaces: When selecting a typeface or font for headings, subtitles, and body text, use easy-to-read fonts for simple and effective graphic design. The eye finds it hard to scan multiple typefaces.
  • Originality: Summon all your creative abilities and graphic design skills to achieve original graphics. Be inventive and experimental. Choose and combine varied typefaces and filters. Do not use trends. Create designs that reflect your unique style, leaving a personal stamp on your work.

37. Divya Gugnani, Co-Founder and CEO, Wander Beauty

Bottom Line

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