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Designing a website logo is one of the most important things new businesses have to do to establish their place on the market and differentiate themselves from the competition while conveying a clear message to their desired audience.

Business branding is important beyond just conveying the ownership of your brand, it also helps customers recognize your products, as well as helping potential customers decide on their first purchase.

A logo tells them the level of quality, price, brand values, how long the brand has existed, and more. …

Are you in need of a logo design for Youtube channels?

A logo can help establish the visual identity of your Youtube channel and set it apart from other users in your industry. Good branding allows you to build a connection with your target audience, potentially making them want to learn more about you and engage with you.

This is especially important for a Youtube channel, where the more engagements you get from your audience, the more successful it will be.

A relevant and unique logo design for Youtube channels can elevate their appearance, but more importantly, it builds credibility.

Logo for Airbnb — do you really need one?

A logo can help establish the visual identity of your Airbnb business and set it apart from the competition. Good business branding allows you to build a connection with your target audience, potentially making them want to learn more about you and engage with you.

A relevant and unique logo for your Airbnb listing can elevate its appearance, but more importantly, it provides your business with credibility.

More than that, building your Airbnb brand can give you an edge over your competitors and make you easily discoverable by potential guests and…

Your brand colors say so much about your business, much more than you know.

Understanding the psychology of color can help you choose the most suitable and relevant hues for your brand. Brand colors aid in building trust and eliciting certain emotions that customers can associate with your new business.

Have you noticed that most popular brands have strong associations with their logo? This is because their brand colors (which almost always feature in their logo) strongly reflect their business principles. Some are so established that they don’t need to involve text.

Take Nike, for example. Most people can associate…

Liviu Tanase is a serial entrepreneur, founder and CEO of ZeroBounce. Under his leadership, the email validation and deliverability company rose to no. 40 on the Inc. 5000 list in just three years. Recently, Forbes magazine included Liviu on the Forbes Next 1000 list of entrepreneurs who’ve had exceptional results in business in the past year.

Most of the famous logos we know today are a result of innovative minds, big dreams, and insightful stories. What makes for a successful logo, so much so that they end up achieving global fame?

A lot of strategic planning goes into creating an impactful logo, but these are some of the critical factors. It should:

  • Be consistently recognizable
  • Reflect your brand’s message and belief system
  • Be unique enough to stand out from the crowd
  • Build trust and reliability between you and your customers
  • Be readable and legible at any size
  • Have a timeless and professional design

It may be…

Quotes are not just words on a page. They are a compilation of experiences. And these design quotes are exactly that.

Creativity is all around you — in your environment, your hobbies, your clothes, the food you eat — it is everywhere. Despite that, it isn’t always easy to see the wonders and beauty of the little things. So, where do you turn for creative inspiration?

All creative souls understand the frustration of a creative block. It often strikes when there are important deadlines or in the middle of the night, where you can’t help but wonder, “How do I…

In 1925, Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, commonly known as Coco Chanel, created her fashion house and a powerful logo that has remained unchanged to this day. The Coco Chanel logo is dominant in her designs and all Chanel products — proudly displayed on bags, shoes, and jewelry. As a result, the logo is a huge aspect of the brand’s image.

As one of the most memorable logos not only in the fashion industry but in the whole world, the Coco Chanel logo has always been a representation of elegance and superiority — qualities that Coco Chanel herself exuded.

Coco Chanel’s impact…

Richard Lau and Avon Collis joined the 6 Star Business podcast to discuss what qualities and methods make for a 6-star business. The conversation was around the impact of prioritizing the customer over company profit.

The entrepreneurs discussed the importance of providing quality customer service, the value of building reliability, and overall, the establishment of a credible, or rather, 6-star experience in a business.

To learn more about forming solid and valuable customer relationships in your company, check out the podcast for tips and advice. …

Startup tools ease the process of building a new business. The thought of doing it all without any help can be daunting, but once you get familiar with convenient and easy-to-use tools, it becomes less intimidating.

Usually, the primary concern of every aspiring entrepreneur is keeping their startup costs as little as possible. However, there will be unavoidable investments in an online business, so it is best to find the most suitable tools to minimize operational costs.

Everybody needs guidance when it comes to starting something new. No matter how capable you think you are, digital platforms and tools are…

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