How To Pitch Guest Posts: Craft Your Content Podcast With Richard Lau and Kari Amarnani

Genuine Communication

  • Learn more about the brand, such as its history, visions, and missions.
  • Read their pitching guidelines and know you can deliver. Do not agree to their terms if you can’t indeed provide the kind of output they need.
  • Curate an application that is just for them and do it authentically. They notice this more than you know.
  • Let your personality shine through. They want to learn more about you and your platform, too!
  • Pitch something that you are genuinely fascinated by and discuss how it would help or impact people if the platform publishes it.
  • Explain why you believe that your values and perspectives match an overall seamless connection that benefits each other.

Credibility And Integrity

Bottom Line: Stand Out From The Crowd



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