Resilience As An Entrepreneur: Richard Lau With Jordan Baylor
4 min readApr 20, 2023


In a new episode of the Jordan Baylor Draft podcast, Richard Lau shares his experiences with the highs and lows of entrepreneurship.

Being an entrepreneur takes serious fortitude, not only in navigating the challenges that come with running a business but to continue doing so no matter what life throws at you. Where obstacles lie, so does resilience.

Resilience as a result of hardship and complications is the perfect recipe for a mindset revolving around service and acts of kindness. And these are the qualities for an entrepreneur to conquer in order to make true change in the world.

Entrepreneurship mindset cycle

Challenge → perseverance → resilience → compassion. It’s the best chain reaction an entrepreneur doesn’t know they need until it happens.

Richard Lau, founder of, tells his story about entrepreneurship and service as the best asset in this podcast.

The Roots

Richard started his journey by selling cell phones and beepers for 6 years. During this time, he had learned to cover all bases of the business, and though it was difficult at times, he aspired to stick it out all the way through to the end. Eventually, the company was sold, but when one door closes, another one opens.

While helping a former business partner with their new venture, he had met people who had introduced him to the domain name industry, a tricky yet sustainable enterprise. Soon after, he dipped his foot in the water and started to register a few domains for himself.

Though the venture came with hiccups along the way (as they all do), Richard faced an especially serious complication. He was diagnosed with colon cancer and was informed that his chances were slim. This prompted him to take a long, hard look at his life, and he decided to sell the business. He wanted to work hard, but he also wanted to be with his family.

Time is worth more than money.

A year later, he came across a support board and once again found himself in the world of buying and selling domains. Though it took some time in between, was born, and it took off.

After a good run with multiple businesses and opportunities, he founded, a logo maker that provides affordable and high-quality logos to help people get their businesses off the ground. A Passion Project

Thanks to his dive into the domain industry, Richard found a promising name with an impactful mission: is a logo maker that helps entrepreneurs and business owners take their branding to the next level by creating professional logos and services that they can:

  • Receive in a couple of minutes and use right away
  • Purchase at affordable prices
  • Supplement with constant branding support and guidance
  • Secure brand marketing materials to help their business go all the way

The investment in is to help people as much as possible. The last thing an entrepreneur needs as they set up their business is inconvenience and disappointment. The goal of is to provide resources that make their lives easier and more fulfilling. The job is only done when you build your brand presence online and get results.

The determination is clear-cut, enough so with a domain name that represents only that. To get you the best logo that makes your business flourish.

When someone searches for ‘logo,’ we are the first thing that comes up. If someone sees it on Google, they’re like, ‘Oh, these guys live and breathe logos.’

And it’s true.

Richard shares that the team is in a constant state of the building, group-sharing, and new developments.

Entrepreneurship: What’s The Secret To Success?

The culmination of lost opportunities, personal struggles, and several dips in the road can be demotivating, but it is part and parcel of being an entrepreneur. It’s essential to get back up no matter what.

Don’t wait for anything. Don’t feel like you need to perfect everything. Get moving. Get customers. Be visible! Don’t worry about the money; focus on loyalty instead. Just do, and keep doing until you make it.

Every fall is an opportunity for a new perspective, and almost naturally, it comes in the form of giving back. Let service be your number one priority, not for the praise or good karma, but for the genuine sake of wanting to do it.

What can you do when you don’t need the recognition and the people don’t know what you did? Because that’s true giving.

The secret to success is to leave a positive impact.

Whether you’re a solopreneur or an entrepreneur, it’s all about relationships. What can you teach people, and what can they teach you?

Be The Next Success Story

It may take blood, sweat, and tears to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself, but nothing feels sweeter when you receive the fruits of your labour.

The more you give, the more you receive.

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